An epic trip

If you don't like a running slideshow with tons and tons of travel photos, don't bother visiting this page.

If you do, well...enjoy.

The shot below, by the way, is one of my faves. Taken by my 10 year old son.

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That's a cool camera

It's not quite ready for consumers yet (cost is way up there), but someday it will be. Just think, making your own virtual reality videos.

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Sunset with Smoke

Morgan Robinson's Smoke helped put on an elegant dinner on the hill last month and I was lucky enough to have the privilege of getting some sunset photos for him.

Watching the sun go down is always nice. But watching the sun go down over Napa Valley is even better.

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Black Butte Ranch 2015

Had so much fun on the bike paths and in the swimming pools I barely had time to pick up the camera.

For some reason, this place seems to be one of those majestic Oregon spots that consistently flies under the radar.

Fine by me.

Now my wife and son can come and make core memories like I did as a kid.

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Tahoe 2015

Beautiful lake. S'mores. Squirt guns. Father's Day.

Nuff said.

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Glad somebody said something

As a freelance photographer, you tend to see some crazy contracts from the big corporate owned businesses. Sometimes you can amend them more toward your favor.

And sometimes you can't.

Love this story on photographer Jason Sheldon who called out Taylor Swift and the contract her company requires when shooting her concerts.

Later in the story it also talks about how Swift reposted a photo taken by one of the pros at her show that she didn't have the rights to. And didn't even give him credit! Ugh!

Insert sad face emoji.

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Gotta love baseball

Especially when you get to watch your kid play. (Yes, that is a bloody lip in the 2nd shot. Tricky hop at 3rd will do that.)

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My newest project

It is completely absurd, low budget and in many ways totally out of my comfort zone, but what is life without trying something you've never done before?

Ladies and gentleman, I give you...Tahoe Medical; a silly kids show with talking stuffed animals inspired by a playdate my son had two years ago.

Watch all six episodes at

Like the facebook page at

And check out the show's website at


Tahoe Medical-Alternate Trailer from Jorgen Gulliksen on Vimeo.

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Making more birthday memories

My lovely wife gets the queen for a day treatment during a birthday trip to The City.

Click the pic for the rest of the photos.

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Holidays on the West Side

Thanksgiving in LA.

Christmas in Salem.

Post Christmas and New Years in Napa.

Might be time to hibernate.

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Eugene or bust

I'm fairly confident that the last time I went to a Duck football game in Eugene was 15 years ago. I follow the team as a yearly obsession from far away, even seeing them a few times in the Bay Area during that time. But a live game in Eugene? It had been a while.

Luckily I have friends who enjoy road trips, have ticket connections and even spare bedrooms. Otherwise I would be up a creek.

I didn't bring the big camera this time. Just used my dumb phone. Maybe someday I'll upgrade.

The lack of photo quality was more than made up for in quality time with old friends. I didn't see everybody and I'm sure I missed a bunch who were there as well, but it was a great time with a ton of laughs and little sleep.

And the Ducks won.

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Making birthday memories

What do you do when your son is celebrating his 8th birthday with classmates and it is super hot outside?

That's right...popsicle party.

Add in a child who loses a tooth in the process and you have yourself a party not soon to be forgotten.

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Epic trip

Ten years ago, on the North Shore of Kauai, my wife and I got married with a small group of family and friends there with us.

In July, we headed back with our son Kai to renew our vows and celebrate 10 years together. While a lot has changed since we were there last (Btw-since when did everybody and their mother start going to Ke'e beach? Oh yeah, I media), the warm water and beautiful scenery are still wonderful.

And I couldn't think of a better way to do it. Happy anniversary my love.

Word of warning; I took a lot of pictures, so this slideshow may need a cup of coffee at your side to finish. 50+ in all I believe.

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A sunny day in San Francisco

Spent a little time on what turned out to be a sunny San Francisco Memorial Day weekend and came back with a couple of pics. I suppose the cheap dim sum in Chinatown was the highlight, but it was also nice to finally get the mural photo in my wife's old hood we've been meaning to capture.

A special note to all you travelers looking for some "real" San Francisco; seek out and find the Portola district and you'll be in a neighborhood most San Franciscans have never heard of.

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A winner in my book

Although her playing time was limited (she is just a rookie), my wife did the family and her friends proud during her first roller derby bout with the Resurrection Roller Girls' Combustin' Betties team on Saturday.

Nice work out there Craz-Eee Eight! (click the pic for a gallery)

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Bucket list it

I suppose putting travel spots on your bucket list could be problematic. With so many great places to visit on this earth, the list has a chance at getting so long you might never finish it.

I will say that if you live in California, you need to put Steep Ravine on some kind of list because it simply is amazing. Ocean views from your own rustic cabin. A private sand beach as well as a private black sand/rock beach. Trails up the hill. Stinson Beach just down the road. Just a really cool place.

We made the trip for my wife's birthday this year after keeping it in the back of our minds for a while. It's not for the faint of heart though. The cabins only have a wood burning stove; no running water or electricity. Beds are wood platforms that you put your sleeping bag on (note to self; bring an air mattress next time).

Still, it is very much worth the time.

Just click the pic and see for yourself.

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November 29

On November 29, 2012 I set out my mom's ashes in a biodegradable package near the Golden Gate bridge. She died in July 2012 after a long fight with cancer. San Francisco was her favorite city and she would've turned 72 today.

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Who knew kids at this age could make so many cool faces while playing flag football. Click the pic for a gallery of highlights from the Napa Parks and Rec Saints flag football season.

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On the trail

Spent a little time getting pics of the fam while they motored along the trail at Kennedy Park. Perfect spot for scooters and roller skates that like a smooth surface. Click the photo for a gallery.

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