Catching up

I lived in Oregon for a number of years and did a lot of growing up there. Elementary, middle and high school from 4th grade on in Salem. Undergrad at U of O. Portland after graduation.

Getting back for a visit has always been tough. Money and time usually being the biggest factors.

When I got a save-the-date card to my cousin's wedding in Seattle earlier this year, the wheels started turning; why not make this a Pacific Northwest tour and try to catch up with as many old friends as possible?

The whole thing was a bit of a whirlwind, and there were times when I should've picked up the camera when I didn't (sorry high school friends I hadn't seen in 15 years, I was having too much fun listening to all the stories). But overall we had a great time.

Just click on the photo for a gallery of the shots.

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Seven years old

It's official; there is a seven year-old boy in the house.

Anybody know where the pause button on the life remote is?

Hard to believe he was ever this small.
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The final product

Well, it took a while, and I know I've been talking to people about this project for what seems like forever, but here it is, in it's finished form.

For this Linea Found production, I was a one man band in many ways. Conceived, directed, shot, edited...pretty much everything.

I did get lots of collaborative help from Rob over at Family Service Napa Valley on the script for the narrators, which was huge. He really nailed down the words that spoke to what they do over there, making it resonate with them all the way.

For you tech geeks, I used a Marantz 660 digital audio recorder and microphone, an ipad using the teleprompter app DV Prompter and my Canon EOS 1d Mark IV. Setup shot is here.

Together We Are Stronger from Jorgen Gulliksen on Vimeo.

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Rolling rolling rolling

My wife started a training camp with the Resurrection Roller Girls roller derby club and me and my son went along for the ride.

No bone crushing hip checks in this first session, but plenty of laps around the rink and a serious leg workout. Made me sore just watching. Click the pic for a gallery!

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Grace and Erik's wedding

Since I usually only photograph weddings for people I know, the opportunity to shoot one comes around rarely simply because most of the people I know are already married.

My wife's grad-school classmate's daughter (as well as family friend) fits into that category now as well. However, I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph her recent wedding ceremony and do some portraits as she and her fiancé tied the knot.

Of the 150+ photos I came away with, these are some of the best (click on the photo to see the gallery). The whole experience was touching and memorable in many ways. The Mather Redwood Grove at the UC Botanical Garden in Berkeley made for an excellent setting. The bride and groom looked great. Family and wedding party members were patient subjects. And the ceremony was very sweet.

Congratulations Grace and Erik.

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Fundraiser portraits

I volunteered my time and photo skills at my son's school St. John the Baptist for their yearly gala fundraiser in April. Since the name of the fundraiser was "Portraits of Excellence", I made a point of getting as many black and white portraits of kids at the school as I could.

I went to basketball games, field trips, after school choir practice and even spent some time in classrooms hoping to capture them in several different situations. All together I ended up getting 78 different kids, creating a slideshow for the reception and dinner as well as printing 16x24 posters (thanks Baldwin Press) for about 15 shots.

In the end, they didn't all come out awesome, but some I liked enough to share.

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Mom's Day polaroids

Bought the Fuji Instax polaroid camera a couple weeks back and I've fallen in love with it. After the original polaroid went under, I used instant film from the Impossible Project, but never quite got the hang of the special care needed with it.

Since Kai was small I've done little instant portraits of him as a Mother's Day gift. They continue to be some of my favorite pictures.

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Spring 2013 Little League

So my son played in the rookie division this spring and had a great time. His teammates and coaches were all nice people and the team overall had an amazing season.

I ended up taking some photos for the parents and these were the ones I liked most.

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